Drawing Near To God For Love


God’s greatest attribute is love. Love describes who God is and how He feels about us ~ that He desires to be withus and have an eternal union with us.

God commands that we love Him and one another. It is through loving Him that we discover how much we are loved by Him, and then we are able to pass that love on to one others.

Love is the soul’s greatest need, and even our health is better when we know we are loved. Love brings security and calms us. Every other virtue has love as it’s foundation.

God’s desire for love from us is not primarily for His benefit, but for ours. One of His deepest desires is that we know His love, and somehow when we take action to love Him, it is when we discover just how much He loves us.

God wants us to love Him, not because He is greedy for love, but because when we are devoted to loving Him, we get in touch woth His powerful, everlasting love for us. when we do, we cannot contain it, and it overflows to others.

We sometimes fear drawing close to God, who is the source of love. Yet, when we finally choose to draw near, what a wonderful discovery we make ~ we are loved completely!

For years I was afraid to approach Him ~ afraid He would disapprove of me or declare me “unacceptable.”

When I finally sought Him, I discovered He is tender, compassionate, and loving. Now instead of fear, during my life’s purest moments, I feel secure, embraced, totally accepted ~ and completely loved by Him.

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