Prepare the way

My child, think of the future as being your now, for in Me all time is Present. Procrastination, fear of the unknown, preoccupied with the present and many other hindrances to progress will cease to exist for you when you embrace the future in Me.

Your own future is shaped by today’s decisions, therefore the future should not be ignored as though irrelevant to today. Jesus did not teach man to ignore the future, but to prepare for it. His warning was against anxiety concerning tomorrow, not against preparation.

It was I who taught Noah to prepare for the flood (Genesis 6:13-22). I gave Joseph wisdom as to how to prepare for the seven-year famine (Genesis 41). I showed Gideon how to prepare his army in advance of the battle (Judges 7). The message of John the Baptist was a message of preparation:  “Prepare ye the way of the Lord” (Isaiah 40:3). I have taught you to be prepared for the second coming (Matthew 24:44).

Yes, the riches of the future are for those who make preparation today. Draw on My wisdom, for to Me all things are plain now.

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