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God's forgiveness

Don’t cease abiding in His love, and don’t drift away from an intimate relationship with Him. Its time to heed the still small voice within!!

Don’t go to the pigpen, that place of shame and self-condemnation! For the only place my needs will be met is in my Father’s embrace.

Realize my error and motives ~ change anything that’s not comfortable with love. True repentance involves a change of heart and change in actions.

Change my heart attitude from selfishness to brokenness and humility as I realize, no matter how much I fail, my PaPa’s waiting for me with out stretched arms!

When I’m faithless, He remains faithful, for He cannot deny Himself. (2Timothy 2:13)

When I fail, He doesn’t approach me with a heavy rod of correction, He runs to me, ready to welcome me back into His embrace with all the fullness of His forgiveness and love.

He exchanges my fig leaves of shame (fear, insecurity, guilt, loneliness, escapism, anxiety, failure) for a royal robe of righteousness. He places His ring back on my finger, restoring me to the place of full sonship in His household.

My child, I love you. I live to take away your shame. Everything is going to be alright. Experience My compassion, My love!

It’s difficult to process PaPa’s love as fast as I want to because there is often hindrances that slow me down, pride, counterfeit affections, hidden core pain from the past, unforgiveness, shame, unresolved conflicts, and judgmentalism that I think I have put all these issues behind me.

I need to let PaPa’s love begin to lift me above the circumstances that have held me back from experiencing intimacy and love.

A river always flows to the lowest point. It flows to those who have been deeply wounded by the sins of others and those whose sins have left them clothed with guilt and shame. It flows most freely to those who are meek and lowly of heart, and who will come to the Father like a little child in need of Daddy’s comforting love.

The heart of the Father is always responsive to those who truly turn to Him, no matter how far from Him I have strayed or how wicked and depraved I might be.

He forgave the people of Nineveh and welcomed them into His presence. (Jonah 3-4)

Jack Winter wrote in his book The Homecoming, “Servant can only bring others to a master, sons are the ones who can point others to their father.”

Until I let go of striving, jealousy, and rivalry in my heart, I’ll lead a life of frustration and resentment.

The love of God is a gift, it’s free and undeserved. There is nothing I can do to be loved by Him any more than I already am, and there’s nothing I can do to lessen His love. His love is unconditional, but if its not experienced on a level that brings healing to the childhood hurt and anger at not feeling unconditionally loved, a resentment and critical attitude often results.

PaPa, I’m aware of my sins…pride, envy, resentment, jealousy, anger, spiritual ambition, self-righteousness, sin against love, worry, doubt, gossip, self-love, lying…I repent and ask Your forgiveness, and I receive that forgiveness. I allow Your Spirit to transform my nature and character.

I anticipate the homecoming You have planned for me. Thank You for understanding my hidden core issues, my need for affirmation that stems from issues in my childhood. Thank You that You see the secret place in my heart that cries out for the unconditional love of a father, for the affirmation and affection that only You can provide. Thank You that Your compassion and mercy are available to me and that You long to bring me back to Your house to join in the celebration and the joy of the feast. Thank You that You are not ashamed of me or angry at my misrepresentation of Your love. Thank You that You want me in Your loving embrace.

Restore to me the joy of my salvation. I want to serve You with a pure heart motivated by Your love and compassion for others.


Under His Wing

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chicks under wing

Before I can have a genuine relationship with others where I allow myself to be honest, open and vulnerable, it is helpful to first experience the healing comfort of my Heavenly Father in the areas of hurt and rejection in my soul (mind, will, emotion and personality).

Allow PaPa God to wrap His loving arms around you in the areas you have never felt comfort before.

He loves me with an everlasting love. (Jeremiah 31:3) He longs to gather me to Himself as a mother hen gathers her chicks under her wings. (Matthew 23:37)

Don’t allow the excuses of past hurts or abuse to cause me to miss out on the joy of deep intimate communion in my relationships.

Allow PaPa God to touch deep places in my soul and to fill my heart so full of His love that it overflows on to everyone around me.

When I have failed, I picture PaPa pointing His finger at me in disapproval, rather than envisioning Him running toward me with wide open arms, eager to welcome me back into His presence. (Luke 15:20)

Yes, God does discipline…He’s a daddy…but not in a way that imparts shame, fear, or accusation. His motivation is His vast and eternal love for me. (Hebrews 12:6-10) He wants the very best for me!

“There is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves punishment.” (1 John 4:18)

When I believe God is angry with me, it is hard to accept His love or draw near to Him. My image of God directly contrasts with the image I have of myself. When I feel ashamed or guilty, I often run and hide like Adam and eve did.

I am PaPa God’s “happy thought.” His loving thoughts toward me out number the sand. He considers me His precious child. (Psalm 139)

When I come to truly believe that I am God’s happy thought, I’ll be able to run freely to Him when I sin or when I experience times of distress.

His unconditional love displaces my fears of intimacy!

Religion ~ often focuses on the deeds of the sinner rather than on what God has done to restore the relationship between Himself and His children.

In Luke 15 the parable is more about a father’s love and cry for intimacy than it is a son’s rebellion.

Jesus wanted to teach a lesson about the restoration of a relationship with God that had already existed, a homecoming to Father’s love after the bond of intimacy was broken by my immaturity. Immaturity thinks only of its own desires, not the heart and needs of others.

DON’T value PaPa only for what He can do for me, I will miss out on an intimate relationship with Him. Sometimes I seek the blessings of my relationship with Him rather than hungering for Daddy Himself. Forgive me Father God, forgive me.