Much Is Given


With what abundance of mercy and love God has redeemed and justified, cleansed and forgiven!! His love is toward us to lift us up. His hand is stretched forth to set us free! Oh, what freedom!! What healing power in the sunshine of His love! What blessing in the very thought of His kindness!

He is Divine Redeemer, Blessed! Holy Lamb of God! Jesus our Savior! Our Constant Companion! The Great I AM! The Ever~Present, All Powerful One! Lion of Judah, who is breaking chains and setting captives free.

Beloved, God will be to you more than your mind can grasp. He has many things to tell you but you cannot bear them now. (John 16:12)

He has many glorious facets of truth to reveal to you, but your not able to receive them all at once. It is written; the light was not given to be hid.

The truth of God as revealed in the Scriptures was given that it might be revealed.

For there is nothing hid, which shall not be manifested, neither was any thing kept secret, but that it should come abroad. (Mark 4:22)

Whatever truths may be obscure to you now, God is anxiously waiting to make plain.

Give yourself to diligent study~search the Scriptures, for they are given for the purpose of revealing Himself. What joys await!! He will take you progressively higher via the Word until the day when you shall see Him face~to~face. Then you shall know Him and understand Him as He now knows you.

What a glorious day that will be!!

The day of the Lord is at hand…Come to Him in genuine repentance and allow the Holy Spirit to set your heart on fire in a fresh manner.

How would you like to experience a fresh new anointing? I sure do, each day I am alive.

He can take the most wrecked life and build it again. There is no situation too hopeless for Him.

He will pour out His Spirit on ALL flesh. Our sons and daughters shall prophesy, our old men shall dream dreams, our young men shall see visions. His power will be shared with all people, not limited to one chosen individual.

He will pour out a flood of His Spirit in the barren valleys of people’s lives, so people whose lives are dry and fruitless will burst forth with an abundance of spiritual fruit. (Psalm 1:3) (Joel 2~3).

God has a supernatural supply of water to turn your dry ground into a fertile paradise!

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