A Mother’s Gift

Mother's love

What can I give you my child, my baby, so small and fragile? Only your love and care, mother, for a mother’s love conquers all.

What can I do for you now my child, now that you are in school? Make sure I learn my lessons, mother, for I’d rather be nobody’s fool!

What can I give as a gift, my child, now that you are to be married? Give me support and advice, mother, but allow me to live my own life.

How can I help you the most, my child, now that your a parent? Share love,  laughter and wisdom, mother, tell them what it means to be free.

What can I give you of mine my child, now that I’m old, to show you I care? Only a kiss, with your blessing, mother, and the memories of good times we shared.

I wish I had given you more, my child, but our time here on earth is too short. You taught me all of life is a gift, mother, and the things we prize most are not bought.

Her greatest achievement in life… her five children, loving and raising us like she did. A mother’s heart is the child’s schoolroom.

It’s been five years since my mother passed on. I still want to buy a card for her,write a special note, sign it, seal it, and send it, but, heaven doesn’t have a post office.

Being a mother and grandmother, I still miss my mom very much. I miss our talks. I learned so much from her as I listened and watched her. I miss the stories she shared about her growing up years, riding horses, swimming, cooking with her mother. Oh how I miss her cooking, and boy could she cook, she loved to cook for everyone!  And the smell of her fresh hot cinnamon rolls filled the whole house. I miss her hugs, her cheery laughter, her sense of humor, her love.

When I look around my house, I see her in many places. Pictures in different rooms, when I’m looking through my cookbook, I see her hand writing on cards and the pages. Oh how precious now! I see her when I make my coffee in the mornings…it use to be her coffee maker. I see her when I curl up on the couch wrapped up in a quilt she made by hand.

When I look at these things it reminds me of the love and comfort God gave me through my mom, Marlene.

On Mother’s Day, I will be at my son and daughter-in-laws. She is fixing me and her mother dinner. To spend the afternoon with the child I love, his wife and my grand~children will bless my heart greatly.

This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:27

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