It is said that patience is born of love and those who have learned to love have no need to pray for patience, for they have within themselves the root that produces this fruit of love. Love is the source of many other virtues, for God is love and love is an expression of God, and in Him dwell all the virtues. To lack love and pray for patience is futile, for patience is a fruit borne on the tree of love. “He that loves is born of God, and he that loves not , knows not God, for God is love.” (1 John 4:7-8)

Believe not every spirit, but try the spirits…Test the spirit of a man…by what shall he be tested? By love!

We need no one to condemn us, we condemn ourselves by our failure to show consideration for the feelings of our brothers/sisters. “But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant.” (Matt. 21:11)

You seek acceptance, forgetting that Jesus was despised and rejected.

You seek happiness, ignoring the fact that Jesus was a man of sorrows and knew much grief.

You seek security, when the Son of Man had no certain place to lay His head.

You seek fame, Jesus sought obscurity.

You seek honor, when Jesus was spit upon and scourged.

So, why do we seek falsely? Because we haven’t learned to truly love! Love changes all the desires. Love knows that doing PaPa God’s will is the only thing of value.

Because love doesn’t seek it’s own, it’s not dismayed when circumstances are unfavorable. Love is never haughty or ill-tempered, it will tolerate disrespect and not be offended because it doesn’t demand recognition and approval. Love is the source of all joy and the heart of culture.

He who has love will be a diplomat out of consideration for others, not for personal advantage. He will labor happily though not compensated and sacrifice personal comfort without protest or complaint. He will measure happiness by his power to give and weakness by his limitation to bring comfort to those in need.

Love is the touchstone of all meaningful human expression.

He who desires to do his own will shall never experience divine guidance. My guidance is given in response to a desire to please Me. If you wish to please yourself, you will not enquire as to how to please Me…


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